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Friday, July 08, 2005

EC - Given the Heir (Kamen)

Given the Heir
art by Jack Kamen, story by Al Feldstein
Weird Science #16 (1952)

Time travel story this time around, featuring a newlywed couple finally married after the man put it off for so long because he was poor.

Helen changed into a negligee because, presumably, they wanted Kamen to draw her in one for some later sexy poses. No fools they at EC. Though I did think some of them looked a bit overly posed and unnatural.

Anyway, Seymour is confident that he'll soon be rich as he's encountered a descendent of his traveling back in time, who will kill the first husband of one of their ancestors so she can inherit his wealth and pass it on. Of course, the plan isn't really that well thought out, and has unintended consequences. Kind of a silly use of time travel, and more than a few plot holes (the guy from the future indicates that time travel is common where he comes from, which would seem to make events like this more common). Kamen's art is nice, although as I mentioned it seems a bit more posed than usual.

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